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Hp Laserjet 1025 Color Printer Driver Free Download !FREE!

HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color driver supports a variety of Windows operating system which includes Windows Vista and Windows 7 with 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. The other versions of windows are windows XP, and Windows 8 with 200 MHz or 1.0 GHz processor and 512 MB, 2 GB RAM. This printer also supports Macintosh operating system which includes Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. For installation of HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color driver file, you need a 200 MB or 2GB free disk space available in Windows operating system.

Hp Laserjet 1025 Color Printer Driver Free Download

This printer speed depends on complexity of documents and it also performs the function of panorama size printing. It uses drop-on-demand thermal inkjet for document printing with PCL3 GUI language. Download HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer driver from HP website

HP Laserjet pro cp1025 single-function color laser printer is a very compact print engine that adds high-quality color to your business printing requirements at an affordable cost. The printer is strong on quality and speed, which saves money by using less energy.

Update: We have added HP cp1025 Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 drivers into above download list. Now you can easily download drivers for win 10 and 8.1 as well. If you have upgraded your windows from Windows 7 or 8 to 10 and your HP cp1025 printer has stopped working, it means you have to uninstall the older driver and install the newer Windows 10 version drivers on that. Click here to more info about Windows 10 upgrading.

Answer: I think you have misspelled the printer model number (HP C1035). The correct model number is HP Laserjet Pro CP 1025 Color Printer. Please let us know again if your printer model number is HP c1035. We just have double-checked the HP CP1025 download links, and all are working perfectly fine along with the HP CP1025 official download page. Please try it now and let us know.

I have the macOS Monterey and Hp LaserJet CP1025nw color and been seeing that there are no available drivers. I just want to confirm this on here or hear any loopholes that could work. If not what would be the next best option as a printer as a college student.

The printer is recognized and it states information about the amount of toner, but I was not able to print a single colored page or even a test page. Setting the printer driver to Laserjet 1022 (v. 1.6.1) worked but only monochrome printing was possible.

If your HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer series is jammed, not responding to the printing command, or the printing quality is quite poor, one of the first things to do is to update the printer driver.

To do so, you can choose to download the driver for HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer series manually, or download the driver automatically, which saves you a bunch of time and energy so you can work on more valuable things.

Please note that the automatic update option is for Pro subscribers only, otherwise, you can only download the driver file for HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer series then update it manually by following the instructions here in this post.

An additional driver plug-in is required to operate this printer. You may download the plug-in directly from an HP authorized server (recommended), or, if you already have a copy of the file, you can specify a path to the file (advanced).

New as of April 23, 2018!The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5.2.14. This release adds full color support for most color laser printers, fixes some important bugs, adds support for additional printers, and offers improvements for others. This package is available in source form, and also in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X. Youcan read the release notes and download it here.

New as of January 19,2017!The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5.2.12. This release adds support for many new printers and other improvements over 5.2.11. Note that the Foomatic data generator and the Ghostscript IJS driver have been removed as CUPS support is ubiquitous and Foomatic is not needed with CUPS. This package is available in source form, and also in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X (10.6 and above; 10.5 and below are no longer supported). Youcan read the release notes and download it here.

New as of June 11, 2012! The Gutenprint project is pleased toannounce Gutenprint 5.2.8, a stable release of 5.2. The Canon driver has been significantly overhauled for this release, and output (and in some cases functionality) may be significantly different from previous releases. We expect to perform further work in future releases. Also, an additional eighteen new Epson printers has been added. This package is availablein source form, and also in binary installer formfor Macintosh OS X (10.3 and above). Youcan read the release notes and download it here.

The predecessor to this software package (the original Printplugin for the GIMP) was first written by Michael Sweet of EasySoftware Products and initially worked only as a print plugin to theGIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). In the summer of 1999, Ipurchased an Epson Stylus Photo EX printer to feed my photographyhobby. Finding no existing printer drivers, I adapted Mike's GIMPPrint plugin to this six-color printer, and by the end of the yearreleased version 3.0 of the Gimp-Print software, which was includedin version 1.1 of the GIMP. The intention was for this to be thestable plugin in version 1.2 of the GIMP while development of theGIMP Print plugin continued for later release.

2002 was a very exciting year for Gimp-Print. Apple had releasedOS X for the Macintosh and was planning to rely on a lot of free/opensource software for key functions of the OS. In particular from ourstandpoint, many vendors had not updated printer drivers for OS X,and many did not want to update their drivers for older printers.Since OS X had settled on CUPS as the core of its printing systemfrom 10.2 on, and Gimp-Print had full support for CUPS, the fit wasvery obvious and Gimp-Print wound up becoming part of the OS Xprinting system. We were very busy that year preparing for release ofGimp-Print for OS X. This was done in 4.2.2, which we released almost9 months after the initial 4.2.0 release (which says something aboutthe stability of Gimp-Print 4.2). This release created a lot ofexcitement in the OS X world and for us, and we did three morereleases in quick succession culminating with Gimp-Print 4.2.5 inearly 2003.

Dear AllI am using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and want to configure HP LaserJet 1022 printer via network, but i face many issues:1) I downloaded hplip 3.20.6 driver and wanted to download the corresponding 3.20.6 plugin from the hp website,,,, but i am not able to download the plugin file.. the link just opens and some program coding appears. NO file is downloaded.2) This makes my configuration via network as shown in the step 16 above impossible.Can anyone give me any inputs? I would greatly appreciate your help..


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