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The Process Has Benefits

Explore Your Passion. Embrace Your Purpose. Establish A Plan.

How can we help you?

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Welcome! I am Coach Cynthia, Certified Professional Life Coach. My life's mission to help ambitious women show up as their authentic self and develop habits and a mindset that promote self-love, purpose, and joy. I create a safe and brave space for you to show up, face your fears, overcome obstacles, get in touch with your feminine self and pursue the desires of your heart minus the guilt, blame and shame.

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Cynthia Whittaker Helps You Turn Self-Doubt Into Self TRUST!

Here's what you should know about me:

  1. My good girlfriends call me Cindy and describe me as loyal, honest, passionate and insightful.

  2. I will not fight you for your breakthrough; but, I will remind you of the costs of staying stagnant.

  3. I will hold you accountable. Be firm yet compassionate and give you tools to help you manifest your vision for your life.

I'm ready when you are to begin your Journey 2 Joy! #IAmMySistasKeeper


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Welcome To Honor Your Path Coaching

Thriving starts with visualizing yourself living your best life; fulfilled, healthy and purpose-driven. These tools help re-shape false belief systems into awareness that will foster how to manifest your heart's desires by helping you be intentional and deliberate about who you are, what you want and don't want, and how to live a life you love with lasting transformational results.

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Happy Family

People like you who turned

Self-Doubt Into Self TRUST!

"Coach Cynthia listened when I shared my challenges and she helped me set reachable goals. The sessions really made me think about being intentional and following through to reach my desired outcome. The outcome was beneficial with rebuilding relationships."

Angela J., Honor Your Path Client

"Ms. Whittaker is a great life coach! She understood my areas of challenge, allowed me to express my fears and gave me guidance in my decision making and supported me in how I choose to address my issues."

Lisa P., Honor Your Path Client

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Who This Is NOT For

​Full Transparency!! Here are 10 reasons why this will not work for you:

  1. You’re not interested in challenging your belief system.

  2. You desire transformation but don’t want to work for it.

  3. You desire transformation but are more comfortable with where you are.

  4. You see the investment as something you can google, find on You-tube, or talk over with your friends.

  5. You have no interest in being a student

  6. You see me as peer instead of a Certified Credentialed Life Coach

  7. You aren’t willing to be honest with me or yourself

  8. You aren’t willing to see things with a new lens or a fresh perspective because you think you already
    know something

  9. You are motivated but not committed.

  10. You’re not open to feedback

  11. You aren’t willing to take hard look and have tough conversations so that we can get to the root of

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Your happiness is your job. Helping you to honor your path is mine! Together, I will help you:

  • Say YES to filling your cup first

  • Get clear on what you do want and more importantly, what you do not want

  • Identify the inner critic and how to silence it

  • Make peace with your past so you can move forward

  • Honor your now so you can fully embrace your next

  • Create a vision that aligns with your values and purpose

  • Develop techniques and an actionable plan for self-care

  • Cultivate daily habits of gratitude

  • Create awareness around triggers so you are being proactive and not reactive

  • Own your truth and walk authentically upright into your purpose


I believe every woman should be seen and heard from a non-judgmental space where she is able to be vulnerable, transparent, and feel loved, worthy, and valued.


As your coach, I meet you right where you, affectionately called “the messy middle” part of life. Helping you shift negative thoughts, patterns, habits, and ideas, into healthy values, perspective and behaviors that help you create, grow, and expand.

It’s your Birthright!

Show Up & Take Up Space...

Show Up
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