Ready. set. go.

The first step to change is making a decision to do so! Congratulations on taking the first step towards investing in yourself.

Write the Vision...make it plain.


This is where you get a guided one-on-one session with me, from someone who's been exactly where you are now.


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Together we..

  • Clarify your Values, vision, and goals.

  • Get clear on what you want and more importantly what you don't want.

  • Cast the vision to manifest the desires of your heart. 

  • Transform stagnant resolutions to purpose-filled goals

  • Learn to fill your cup first.

  • Forge stronger relationships.

  • Learn how to increase your self-awareness.

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The unique quality about my style of coaching is a level of honesty and integrity...minus the fluff with a direct approach to learning which is balanced with compassion and empathy.  Life happens and how we respond is fundamental to not just existing but living in principle and with intent.  

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"I'm using so much of what you've taught me and I am still holding on to the guide and the forms you've given me. Ms. Cynthia is a thought-provoking life coach. She asks questions that penetrate deeply to resonate with your inner purpose. It was a pleasure taking a course with her. She didn’t hesitate to answer all of my questions even the really personal ones."


Thank you so much Coach Cynthia!

Aliaa G., Honor Your Path Client

Truth is...small steps make a BIG


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Pay Weekly ($124/ week)
Pay Bi-weekly ($219/ bi-weekly)