How to Embrace Moving Pass the Past

There is no denying that our past experiences play a role in what we do, how we react to things, and even who we are today. It is those experiences that have taught us learned behavior, both good and not so good. I’ll be the first to tell you that moving beyond your past is a struggle but making peace with it is another ball of wax. Truth is, as human beings, we tend to use avoidance as a coping mechanism when we experience things that cause us pain, grief, or discomfort because we are inclined to do what hurts less. Especially when we are simply ready to restore some sort of happiness; Right?

The challenge with that mindset though is oftentimes those things that we do not make peace with boomerangs back and wreak havoc.

Making peace doesn’t negate that certain life experiences did not take place, it means we have made a conscious choice to acknowledge it, process it, and move beyond it healthily. More importantly, we are aware enough to recognize the triggers so we are not affected the way we once were.

Making peace with your past and letting go is easier said than done.

But, let me share with you 3 substantial reasons why letting go of the past and looking towards the future is vital:

  1. There is nothing you can do about the past! What you can do is recognize how impacts you now, take the required steps to ensure it no longer has the same power over you today, and take ownership of the present and your desired future.

2. To have what you want and need new things, and new relationships you must

create space to receive it.

3. Overcoming the challenges strengthens you making you more capable of all the

boundless possibilities.

Overthinking and Self-sabotage are common symptoms of choosing to move on before you face and heal from past experiences. It’s like putting the cart before the horse and what better way to live a life you love than by taking back your present and reconciling your past. It is by far the greatest middle finger of all time.