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From start to finish, together, I help you get unstuck and remove stagnancy as an excuse. If you are looking for one person who can and will change your life...take a look in the mirror. Let's change the strong woman narrative, improve mental well-being, and cultivate healthy boundaries in this 6-week course "Healing H.E.R." (Healing and Embracing Resilience). Join me to reset, renew, and reinvent.


Unlock the secrets to a transformed life in this empowering 6-week course! Join "Healing H.E.R." now and embrace your sacred Journey 2 Joy. Act fast.


Select a payment option that works best for you.


Payment Option:

1. 1X payment- Self-Paced Course + 3 One-On-One Sessions $1,121


2. 3-Month Payment Plan Option:

Self-Paced Course + 3 One-On-One Sessions $375/mo


3. 3rd party by way of PayPal

Healing H.E.R. + 1:1

Price Options
One-time purchase
Self Paced + 1:1
3 Month Payment Plan
$375.00every month for 3 months
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