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Healing & Embracing Resiliency

Shed the strong woman narrative & embody resiliency

with the Healing HER 6-week course

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  • 6 Fool-proof POWERFUL ways to improve knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to reclaim your power

  • Hands down the best practices to navigate life’s significant changes, shifts perspective, and gain clarity!

  • Get the proven tools to create a daily routine that supports your well-being, tried and true!

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Your tribe is waiting for you, and it's time to join.

Healing & Embracing Resiliency!

A safe and brave coaching space

In this course, we are taking the gloves off and holding you accountable for the life you say you truly desire. From start to finish, together, I help you get UNstuck and remove stagnancy as an excuse.  If you are looking for one person that can and will change your life...take a look in the mirror.


Let's change the strong woman narrative, learn to forgive, and let go of the past. this 6-week course "Healing H.E.R." (Healing and Embracing Resilience). Join me to reset your mind, heart, and soul.

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The 5 Pillars of Resilience:


In this portion, we’ll learn about the power of resilience, what self-awareness really is, and actionable ways you can practice and develop it to embrace positive change and cope with difficult changes in your life.



Mindfulness & Mindset

Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about mindfulness, the power of your mindset, and everyday steps you can take to strengthen it and heal yourself.


Confusion into Clarity

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s time to fill your tank! In this section, we’ll help you understand the importance of self-care, how it can build resiliency, and how you can implement a self care routine specific to your unique needs and healing journey.


Positive Relations

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. This section will allow you to truly understand the importance of positive relationships and how you can work on forgiving and loving yourself to improve them.


Overcoming Negative Thinking

Last but not least, our lives are entirely dependent upon the lenses in which we view them. Here, we’ll help you build resiliency by identifying the power of your thought patterns and teaching you how to rewrite your negative thoughts into positive, empowering healing tools!

My 6-week mini course is here!

Awareness paves the way for change...

The strong woman narrative is exhausting and depleting. Embodying resiliency is where faith and spirituality intersect with feminity & courage that's rooted in JOY. This program was carefully crafted as an online community coaching space to help you navigate life’s ebbs & flows! To give you evidence-based tools you need to heal your heart, renew your mind and embrace change. To empower you to show up as your unapologetic, authentic self, unlock your potential, and build your resilience to bounce back from the things life throws at you –– and to become better for it!

We'll dive into:

  • Self-care

  • Self-awareness

  • Positive relationships

  • Overcoming negative thinking

  • Letting go

  • Resilience

  • Mindfulness

And much more! 

Purchase your access pass below to secure your seat.

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Who’s this for?

Everyone! I mean it. It’s ideal for the Sister who is at the beginning of her self-development journey and those already embarking on their path to resilience. Specifically, this course is beneficial for women who are seeking to make a change or are working through a transition in life. The sole purpose of this course is to create awareness around authenticity, feel optimistic and confident, embrace who you are, and honor whom you are becoming. To forgive yourself, heal your heart, and move forward in accepting the next amazing chapter in your life’s story. Most importantly, it's for the woman who is ready to see the glass as re-fillable and understands we can be booked and busy as well as rested and renewed. This work creates the capacity to be a work in progress and a wonderfully crafted masterpiece all at the same dame time without guilt, blame, or shame. This is for the woman who wants to put down the idea of living to survive and pick up the armor of resiliency, so we learn to live to thrive.

What’s Included in the Course?

You'll receive instant access to the Healing H.E.R. self-paced course for 3 months. If you select the one-on-one option you will receive 3 one-on-one sessions with Cynthia Whittaker in addition to the self-paced course.

Healing HER: Helping to Embrace Resilience to Cope with & Creating Change is an energetically fun, engaging, educational program. We break down each pillar, why it’s important, and everyday actions you can take to strengthen, heal, and forgive yourself. It includes 5 modules-two lessons each, valuable videos, reading sections, a prayer for each module, words of affirmations, and inspiring exercises to help you apply the strategies into your daily life –– to help you become truly resilient!


Get ready to start
Coping with & Creating Change
in the Healing H.E.R. 6 week course

Select a course option and payment option below to join this 6-week online course



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3 months access to Healing H.E.R.



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3 months access to Healing H.E.R.
3 one-on-one sessions with Cynthia

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