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From start to finish, learn effective and tangible ways to connect the dots and remove stagnancy as an excuse. If you are looking for one person who can and will change your life...take a look in the mirror. Let's change the strong woman narrative, improve your mental well-being, and learn to dance in the rain vs waiting for the storm to pass. The 6-week course "Healing H.E.R." (Healing and Embracing Resilience) is for you. Join me to reset your mind, heart, and soul.


Unlock the secrets to a transformed life in our empowering 6-week course! Join "Healing H.E.R." now and navigate your sacred Journey 2 Joy. Act fast.



Options to pay:


1. 1x Payment Option:

Self-Paced Course Only $249


2. Use 3rd party billing with PayPal


3. 3-Month Payment Plan Option:

Self-Paced Course Only $90/mo

Healing H.E.R.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Self Paced Course
2 Month Payment Plan
$185.00every month for 2 months
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