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You don't need a new life, you simply need a new mindset!

Helping Amazing women navigate life, love, and mindset with Courage, Self-Love, Hope & Self-Care.

honor your path

Life Coaching & Mentoring

Thriving starts with visualizing yourself living your best life; fulfilled, balanced and purpose-driven. These tools help re-shape false belief systems into manifesting your heart's desires by helping you be intentional and deliberate about who you are, what you want and don't want, and how to live a life you love with lasting transformational results




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What is life coaching?

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 Navigating ALL areas of your life both personal and professional. Bridging you from where you are to where you want to be by making a Real and Measurable Difference. Life happens and change is inevitable; and, it is how we deal with the natural ebb & flow of life that's a real challenge. Truth is, most people simply want to be happy and have some measure of success. So, balancing how you show up for yourself and others, while still being present and fulfilled in all aspects of life is hard sometimes. Life can be hard at times.  As a coach, I meet you right there at the intersection like a crossing guard, helping you navigate patterns, habits, ideas, and values.

We Specialize In:

Transformation Coaching (concentration of life coaching) This is where I give you the safe space to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Your happiness is your job. Helping you to own your journey is mine!

Stages of Change- Begins with your ability to be Authentic and Honest...

Intuition Development- Showing you how to Trust your Gut

Personal Development Plans- To keep your cup full.

Accountability Acuity- You are 65% more likely to complete a goal if you commit to someone


We Explore

 Limiting beliefs, Vision Building, Values, Choices, Awareness, Attitude and Commitment 

Life Coaching & Mentoring

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"Coach Cynthia listened when I shared my challenges and she helped me set reachable goals. The sessions really made me think about being intentional and following through to reach my desired outcome. The outcome was beneficial with rebuilding relationships."

Angela J., Honor Your Path Client

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Welcome! I am Coach Cynthia, Self-Love gladiator and founder of Honor Your Path Coaching. Motivating wives, moms, grand-moms, and Sistah-Friends to develop habits and a mindset that promote a practice of Self-love & Self-care. I offering faith-based, valued-based, and practical lasting results by creating a safe and brave space for you to show up, be seen, be heard, and be vulnerable without guilt, blame or shame.


Here's what you should know about me:

1. My good girlfriends call me Cindy and describe me as loyal, honest, passionate and insightful.

2. I will not fight you for your breakthrough; but, I will remind you of the costs of staying stagnant.

3. I will hold you accountable. Be firm yet compassionate and give you tools to help you manifest your vision for your life.

I'm ready when you are to begin your Journey 2 Joy! #IAmMySistasKeeper