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If you sometimes feel stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain, or less joyful in a relationship, job, or habit, you need to find your way back to basics! The truth is, there's never been a one size fits all solution for developing a soft and feminine life mindset...

Turn the Page and Embrace the Next Chapter of Your Life

The first step is making a decision to do so! Congratulations on taking the first step for yourself.

Imagine the future!

Shatter The Limits You Have On Your Life & Be Unstoppable. STOP overthinking and second-guessing. Here's what’s in included in this Power-packed Bundle:

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Find the Joy in your Journey eBook

This eBook will help you along your journey back to SELF. It's a journey of discovering what you want and how you want to live from the place of joy. It's not about how you do it, but how it's done intentionally. You'll come to know your purpose in life by getting clear on what's important for you now and for your future.

Journey 2 Joy Bundle- Back to Basics_edi
Growing your Self-Confidence eBook
  • Introduction

  • Ch 1: Lean into Your Self Confidence

  • Ch 2: Increase Your Self Confidence

  • Ch 3: Building Confidence/ Self Esteem

  • Ch 4: The Root

  • Ch 5: Improving Self Confidence

  • Ch 6: Positive Thinking

Journey 2 Joy Bundle- Back to Basics_edi
Self-care isn’t Selfish Guide and Interactive Workbook

Contains guided instructions for:

  • Learning self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too.

  • How to use powerful affirmations to form healthy habits and how daily routines shape how you cope with change, gain confidence, affirm yourself, get centered, and reduce your stress levels.

Resilience Now and Beyond eBook

This eBook helps you fuel your resiliency in this moment and beyond! Our life is filled with challenges. Resiliency is the ability to endure those challenges and stay true to your values, beliefs and goals. It takes courage, persistence and discipline to persistently renew ourselves and learn from our experiences.

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Achieving your GOALS, the S.M.A.R.T. Key

This is a key to achieving your goals the S.M.A.R.T. way Let your goals be a source of inspiration and a guide for your actions. The Goal-Setting Guide will help you set SMART goals at work and in life so you can clarify what you want to achieve, focus your efforts on the most important things, use your time and energy wisely, and reach the vision you have for your life.

Your Author & Coach

Become Self-Aware. Become Healthy. Become Free. Become More Confident and Live a Happier Life.

Copy of Copy of Copy of 31 Affirmations

Journey to Joy, my is a combination of my signature Life Coaching tools bundled together to provide highly transformational, consistent results to women ages 30 to 50 who want to learn how to embrace their next life chapter and re-discover their “why.”

  You’ll find out how to:  

  • Identify triggers of life transitions

  • Create a vision around your new dreams and goals
    your vision come to life

  • Develop a daily routine that involves self-care and a plan to see

  • Track your progress and stay consistent with our digital workbook


The Journey to Joy bundle was created uniquely for the faith-fueled women who are ready to gain clarity surrounding their purpose and turn their life vision into an authentic reality oozing with limitless joy, abundance, and fulfillment.


So, if you’re stuck, confused, feeling invalidated, and you seek a sense of purpose, courage and self-love, then this is for you!

What People Are Saying

"I'm using so much of what you've taught me and I am still holding on to the guide and the forms you've given me. Ms. Cynthia is a thought-provoking life coach. She asks questions that penetrate deeply to resonate with your inner purpose. It was a pleasure taking a course with her. She didn’t hesitate to answer all of my questions even the really personal ones."


Thank you so much Coach Cynthia!

Aliaa G., Honor Your Path Client

Step Into The Next Chapter of Your Life!
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Find the Joy in Your Journey!

Shatter The Limits You Have On Your Life & Be Unstoppable. STOP overthinking and second-guessing. Click below to get the Journey 2 Joy Back to Basics MEGA BUNDLE!

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