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4 Week Course For Starting Your Coaching Business

Success, Dreams, Goals all have one thing in common. They REQUIRE Support!

If you are ready to grow, enhance or simply start your coaching business then you’re in the right place!


So, tell me if this sounds about right….

  • You feel overwhelmed with all the free, and paid, information out there and you just want to get clear so you can take action to get started or move your business forward.

  • You are ready but FEAR cripples you so you start to doubt yourself and all the “What if’s” start to play themselves out in your mind.  The reality is you were created to walk inside your destiny and OWN it so that you can love the life you live.


This VIP Day is for you if:

  • You are exhausted and done trying to do it all on your own and you are willing to invest the time, money an energy necessary to achieve your business goals

  • You want to transform your mindset and gain clarity, courage and confidence

  • You need a refresher on just a few Core Competencies

  • Identifying your ideal client with specific demographics and psychographics

Here is where my VIP day comes into play. 

This is where you get guided one-on-one coaching and discussions on topics like time management strategy, confidence building, identifying mission and vision and how you show up for your clients using your expertise and skill sets.

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About Cynithia


"Ms. Cynthia listened when I shared my challenges and she helped me set reachable goals. The sessions really made me think about being intentional and following through to reach my desired outcome."

Angela J., Honor Your Path Client

What We'll Cover:

Class will run #th - #th with weekly __, __ and Q&A discussions

Week 1

  • Details


Week 2

  • Details


Week 3

  • Details


Week 4

  • Details


Payment Options

4 Weekly Payments

All fees are non-refundable

2 Bi-weekly Payments

All fees are non-refundable

1 Time Payment

All fees are non-refundable

Payment Options
Pay Weekly ($124/ week)
Pay Bi-weekly ($219/ bi-weekly)
Pay Upfront $447 vs $549
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