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QuarkXPress 5.0: Features, Benefits, and Download Instructions

QuarkXPress is the leading page layout and graphic design software application. It lets you import or create raster images, text, and font styles, as well as use rich and intuitive drawing commands to create graphics, complete page layouts, and publication ready documents with a rich array of features. For more information about QuarkXPress and its numerous additional features, see Quark's web site:

free download quarkxpress 5.0 full version

I have been working with QuarkXPress for more than 20 years now. I come from a background of vector work and have used many other art packages, and still work with most of the vector applications out there; but after QuarkXPress 5.0, nothing compares. I tried Illustrator, Photoshop and FrameMaker, but they all lacked the power and quality of my work in QuarkXPress. Its the first program to really show me how well I can work with a powerful page layout tool, which lets me create crisp designs with minimal effort.

There are plenty of inexpensive programs you can find that are better. But, when it comes to quality, design and typography, nothing comes close to what QuarkXPress does. It saves me so much time and effort in generating documents that Im willing to pay for the best. Plus, because its so intuitive, I know I can learn it quickly and use it for years.

It was the first application I learned how to use in graphic design and I love the QuarkXPress 5.0! I can start a project within a few minutes; create and edit pages; create logos and documents with care and simplicity. The layout engine is very easy to use, the reference library can be useful to begin any project, and you can easily enhance and customize your design. I use this very particular program from every day, because of its simplicity, quality, speed, and support.


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