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A Rich Christmas YIFY

Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor) is a rich party girl who creates salacious newspaper headlines. Her father has had enough. To prove to him she is fit to inherit the family business, she is sent on a bus with $100 to deliver and a special Christmas letter to her dad's former partner in the small town of Snow Falls which has no mobile phone signal. Ellen cannot tell anyone who she really is.Her suitcase is run over by the local cabbie and innkeeper Jake Collins (Jake Lacy) who once spent some time in New York but he did not like the big city life. Ellen is stranded in the town during a snowstorm. She works in the inn to make some money, learns how to bake with the help of Jake's aunt. Ellen after spending some time in Snow Falls has a different outlook in life and falls for Jake despite being engaged.Although made by Netflix this is not too far removed from the Hallmark Christmas cookie cutter formula. Ellen and Jake give appealing performances but it all too syrupy. A sugar laced romance with the subtext of you have to go to a small town to find the true meaning of life.

A Rich Christmas YIFY


Review date 5/27/2019I Have Reviewed OVER 500 "Christmas Films and Specials". Please BEWARE Of films and specials with just one review! For instance When "It's a POSITIVE" chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. "If its Negative" then they may have a grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare about these films.The special follows Detective Murdoch and the team at Station House No. 4 who are called to investigate when a rich philanthropist is murdered, which may result in many of Toronto's underprivileged losing Christmas after the presents he hands out every year go missing. As the investigation unfolds, Murdoch believes he has found the murderer in one Cyrus Lynch, but when he turns up dead and the presents are still missing, Murdoch and colleagues have to find out who killed him.This is very entertaining. This is not your "Hallmark" film. So be aware of that. This is not an overly violent film for the image of a "Dead Santa" to children might be too much.Now the story might be confusing at times but then again I was watching this late at night. What this special does have is "Christmas Spirit" . I loved the ending of this film. A MUST SEE

I loved the way this movie started. A horse ride through maple trees, sap buckets and candy canes, a warm loving family, a handsome stranger who returns a lost horse and... a very un-Hallmark early kiss between the two leads (and a bold and surprising kiss at that). I loved it. I'm so tired of the "almost kiss" that gets interrupted and isn't attempted again until the end of the movie. Ugh. It's easily one of the most annoying Hallmark tropes. But here, they tried something different. The boldness of that early kiss was very modern and a wonderful change of pace.The handsome stranger was played by Hallmark all-star Andrew Walker. He's a sure thing. But I didn't recognize Peyton List, who played Erica. Although bold and interesting in the beginning, Erica is revealed to be rather unpleasant. She's quick to unfairly judge Aaron, disrespectful to her own sweet sister, acts like a bully, and is beyond thoughtless with her loving mother.And it all goes on way too long. She comes across as a spoiled brat and that makes it hard to root for her to find love with Aaron.There are also a few lines that cut like a knife:Erica: "You're a rich kid who's lost and thinks he'll find himself by putting on a Stetson hat and playing cowboy."Aaron: "Maybe you don't pick the wrong guys. Maybe you pick the right guys, and just drive them away."Erica: "Maybe so, but like I said, I don't date tourists"Ouch.Her mother actually expressed what I was thinking when she told Erica to "pull it together". And the whole plot about turning over the business to her daughters, to the point where one talks about buying out the other? What's mom going to live off of? It's not like she sold the business to a third-party and banked the proceeds. It sounded like she just gave the business to her kids, without taking anything, not even a salary. That's all too typical in Hallmark movies- a complete disregard for financial realities. In real life, mom might leave her kids in charge but they'd have to wait until she passed before taking ownership.Erica's sister Heidi was played by Ella Cannon. In contrast to her sister, Heidi comes across as sweet and kind. And she's in a healthy marriage to a good guy. And she's even more beautiful than Erica. I wish the movie had starred Ella Cannon as the lead (and as a nicer character than Erica).Aaron's father was played by Paul Jarrett and he nailed that horrible character.I did like the running gag about "the hat" (which looked good on Erica, less so on Aaron). And though unearned, the ending was lovely. But I really didn't like the way Erica was written and Peyton List couldn't make her more likable (in fairness to her, it's not within her power to change her lines).

Adam one day breaks the commuter code, and dares to speak to his fellow travellers, and worse, invites them to a Christmas party.It's a gorgeous story of human interaction, human relationships, and I know it sounds horrendously corny, but the spirit of Christmas. Every single character is rich, deep and has a real story to tell.I can relate, having commuted on a train for seven years of my life, and I truly get this story, maybe writer Alastair Galbraith used to do the daily commute.It's a love story, it's a comedy, it's so much more than that, I found it rather an enchanting watch, I got into it straight away, and found the characters so rich.What a cast list, what an astonishing wealth of British talent here, so many favourites, Timothy Spall, Kaya (glorious) Scodelario, Joanna Scanlan, Ben Miller and many more.Alfred Enoch, fabulous, imagine that smile coming at you on a train, there's nothing you wouldn't agree to, he's such a lovely actor, such a different type of character for him to play, compare him in this to How to get away with murder.Maybe the best thing I sat down to in Christmas 2022.9/10.

There are literal records of people who visited Epstein's island. Until they are made public and every single name mentioned in them investigated rigorously, this will be one of the most blatant misuses of power that the general public has been made aware of, and then ignored.Make no mistake. This entire saga is no more an indictment of the people responsible than of the people who take it with a proverbial grain of salt.We know these crimes persist. There are more billionaires with islands and resorts and ranches and they will not persist with their monstrous crimes.This isn't a success. This is a sad proclamation that we can do nothing to affect change to how the rich and powerful choose to live.

For tax reasons and to be nearer his beloved African game preserve William Holden spent a lot of time in Europe during the sixties working. At the end of the decade Holden starred in The Christmas Tree which is not what you would think by the title, a warm and fun holiday movie. Christmas is peripheral to this very sad, almost beyond endurance sad movie.Holden is one of the richest men in the world and a widower who has a young son Brooke Fuller. While on holiday in Corsica and swimming on the beach Fuller is exposed fatally to radiation poisoning. I'm not sure of the science of this, but I think the effects are those that would be sustained in one of those dirty bomb type explosions. You'll have to see the film to see how it is done.There's no hope but to make the lad's weeks/months as happy as possible. The moral if there is any is that all the wealth and power in the world can never be brought to bear against the inevitable. The cast also includes Virna Lisi and the great French comedian Bourvil. It's a great film, but not for the Yuletide season.

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