Your four-step approach for a joyful life

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

One of life’s most precious gifts is happiness; however, conceptually it seems to elude so many. Reflectively you have probably experienced times when you pondered why you are less than happy.

Could it be that you have overlooked some very key principles?

Below is your four step approach for a joyful life

1. Positive Thinking

Simple but it WORKS! Having a positive outlook on life is an active way to secure joy. Let’s be clear, life will be a reasonably fair amount of good and bad. After all we are talking about Life. Even though you’ll have challenging times, there’s generally a lesson to be learned or something positive to gain.

  • Make it a point to acknowledge but not dwell on the negative aspects of a circumstance. There is no point in focusing on the things you cannot change, but you can positively choose how to react.

  • Understand you are responsible for your own happiness. No one else for responsible for your happiness!

  • Begin each day with an affirmative state of being! i.e., I was born to win so I am Worthy

  • Positive thinking lends to self-assurance to go after the desires of your heart. Use positive affirmations to ensure negativity do not thrive in your mind.

"Hold onto positive thoughts with both hands and the sky’s the limit"

2. Have a grateful heart

The glass is half-full not half-empty. In essence, it is so easy to discount the blessings in your life if you allow negative conditions to alter your vision. But when you own an attitude of gratefulness, you'll discover that joy drives momentum and thrusts you through the dark


  • When you experience a situation that has a less than favorable outcome, focus on the positive aspects and be grateful for the experience. This situation will provide ab foundation which will lay the groundwork on how to proceed the next time.

  • Stimulate your day with a grateful heart. Set aside a few minutes at the start of each day to meditate/focus on the things that bring you joy and be thankful. Moreover, this practice is also a refreshing and relaxing way to end your day.

  • A grateful outlook supports a healthy way of thinking.

  • Keep a journal. In it keep your favorite affirmations and list at least one thing you were grateful for in that day. Begin this daily routine and watch it improve your overall wellbeing in your approach to a joyful life.

3. Be kind

Kindness in its purest form is more about the experience and how it makes you

feel to sacrifice something you have and want to meet the needs of someone else.

  • Kindness is not measured by how big or small of an act but by the value it adds to another human beings life.