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Healing H.E.R.

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Cinesamples - Cine Percussion Bundle 1.1 [Kontakt] [REPACK]

Complete Orchestral Percussion Library - CinePerc, recorded at the legendary MGM Scoring Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, is a powerhouse complete orchestral percussion library. This cinematic percussion library spans orchestral, auxiliary, ethnic, woods, and metal instruments and provides a one-stop solution for your entire percussion needs. An easy-to-use, top cinematic percussion VST for orchestral and trailer music production.

Cinesamples - Cine Percussion Bundle 1.1 [Kontakt]


A great cinematic percussion library is a must for composers writing for film & TV, gaming or any music that requires a powerful punch. Rhythmic content can drive a narrative and raise the level of emotional impact. A great percussion library can be used to create ominous textures using extended playing techniques and can provide the perfect transient sound to punctuate a scene. Or you can accentuate a melody or ostinato with pitched percussion using traditional mallets or tuned found sounds.


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