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Shirdi Ke Sai Baba Movie Download Utorrent

Shirdi Ke Sai Baba Movie Review

Shirdi Ke Sai Baba Movie Review

Shirdi Ke Sai Baba is a 1977 Bollywood film directed by Ashok V. Bhushan and starring Sudhir Dalvi, Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Rajendra Kumar, and Shatrughan Sinha. The film depicts the story of Sai Baba of Shirdi, a mystic who lived in the 19th century and performed many miracles and taught universal love and harmony. The film was a huge success at the box office and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.



The film revolves around a sick child who wishes to be taken to Shirdi, where Sai Baba lived. His father, a doctor, is skeptical of Sai Baba's powers and wants to treat him in a hospital. His mother, Pooja, is a devotee of Sai Baba and believes that he can cure her son. They travel to Shirdi and meet an ardent follower of Sai Baba who narrates the life story of the saint.

The film shows how Sai Baba came to Shirdi as a young boy with a marriage procession and stayed there for the rest of his life. He was looked after by the kind villagers who named him Sai Baba. He showed his divine nature by revealing his oneness with various gods such as Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, and others. He also helped many people in need by healing their diseases, restoring their eyesight, saving them from danger, and granting their wishes. He taught his followers to love all beings as God's creation and to serve humanity without any discrimination.

The film also portrays some of the challenges that Sai Baba faced from his enemies such as Ranbir Singh, a local landlord who wanted to kill him; Kulkarni, a corrupt official who harassed him; and Som Dev, a priest who doubted his authority. Sai Baba overcame all these obstacles with his grace and compassion. He also predicted his own death and instructed his devotees to continue his work after him.



Sudhir DalviSai Baba of Shirdi

Manoj KumarDevotee & Scientist

Hema MaliniPooja

Rajendra KumarDoctor (Pooja's husband)

Shatrughan SinhaHeera

Raj MehraMurthy


Usha ChavanLaxmi

C.S. DubeyGroom's dad

Manmohan KrishnaGanpat Rao

Dheeraj KumarTatya (Baijamma's son)

Prem NathSom Dev

Kanwarjit PaintalKarim

Sachin PilgaonkarSarju (as Sachin)

Madan PuriRanbir Singh


Namrata ShirodkarYoung Girl

Master Tito Beta <t Music

The film has a melodious and devotional music composed by Pandurang Dikshit and lyrics by Manoj Kumar. The songs are sung by various singers such as Mohammed Rafi, Anup Jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Mahendra Kapoor, and others. The songs are based on the bhajans and aartis of Sai Baba and convey his message of love and faith. Some of the popular songs from the film are:

  • "Sai Baba Bolo" - A song that urges Sai Baba to speak and bless his devotees.

  • "Sumar Manva" - A song that advises the human mind to remember God and do good deeds.

  • "Shirdi Wale Sai Baba" - A song that praises Sai Baba as the lord of Shirdi and the protector of his followers.

  • "Sai Ke Darbar Mein" - A song that describes the glory and beauty of Sai Baba's abode.

  • "Deewana Tera Aaya" - A song that expresses the madness and devotion of a lover of Sai Baba.


The film was a blockbuster hit and earned a total of Rs. 10 crore at the box office. It was the second highest-grossing film of 1977, after Amar Akbar Anthony. The film received critical acclaim for its direction, screenplay, music, and performances. Sudhir Dalvi was praised for his portrayal of Sai Baba and won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The film also won the Filmfare Award for Best Story. The film is considered as one of the best biographical films in Indian cinema and has a cult following among Sai Baba's devotees. Conclusion

Shirdi Ke Sai Baba is a film that celebrates the life and legacy of Sai Baba of Shirdi, a saint who inspired millions of people with his teachings and miracles. The film is a tribute to his universal message of love, peace, and harmony. The film is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about Sai Baba and his followers. The film is also a musical treat with some of the most memorable songs in Bollywood history. The film is available on various streaming platforms and DVD formats. However, I do not recommend downloading the movie from torrent sites, as that is illegal and unethical. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. I have already written a complete article for you. There is nothing more to add. If you want me to write another article on a different topic, please let me know. ? I have already written a complete article for you. There is nothing more to add. If you want me to write another article on a different topic, please let me know. ?


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