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Plutonium: How to Unlock All DLCs and More in Black Ops 2

You also need torrent software. So scroll down on the above link and come to the end of the page. Here you can see the link through which you can install a torrent. You can use the other torrent software, but it is recommended to use the qBittorrent. After getting into the website, you need to click on the qBittorrent Windows and start downloading.

After you have installed it, you have to download a torrent file. So scroll down on the above link and come to the end of the page. After clicking on it, press the Download option. Then you will be able to install the qBittorrent.

plutonium download black ops 2

Once you have downloaded it, click on the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser and the Save at option at the top left corner, you need to give the location of the folder you created earlier. So click on the little folder icon and come up to that specific folder. After selecting the folder, click on the Ok.

1) Launch the game through plutonium.exe2) You will need to register an account here.3) Login your account in the launcher4) Click on T6 Multiplayer/T6 Zombies5) It will ask the directory on first launch, select BO2 Plutonium Folder6) You can now press Play and wait for the game to startOptional : Press the arrow down to select LAN if you want to use RadminConnection : Press F10 to open the overlay and click on server you want to join6) Play & Enjoy !


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